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Welcome! AT&T Business Service Guides provide service descriptions, service level agreements, pricing, country-specific provisions and general information for AT&T business services. Refer to this site for access to AT&T’s business offers, price changes and service upgrades.

To view a particular Service Guide, click on "Service Guide Library" in the Left Navigation Bar and then select the desired Service Guide. Service Guides may be reviewed, printed, saved to PC or emailed as attachment.

  • The Service Guide will open within the Service Guide window and display content in Adobe® Acrobat Reader. Toolbar icons enable you to zoom, search, print, save, copy, or email the Service Guide as an attachment.

In addition, enhanced user Tools and Latest Revision options are available:

  • Notification. Subscribe to receive email alerts about specific service guides or even sections of service guides. You can also modify your subscription services at any time.
  • Comparison. Request comparisons of service guides by date.
  • Latest Revisions. Download a report about the latest revisions to AT&T service guides over the past 30 days. You may select service guides that are most relevant to your business.

The General Provisions included in this website apply only to the services covered by a Service Guide included in this website.

AT&T reserves the right to change the provisions of this Service Guide at any time. This Service Guide does not constitute an offer to sell. Please contact your customer service center or AT&T Sales Representative for more information or to order any of the services listed in this Service Guide.

The Business Services Agreement applies to Customers who have not executed a separate Service Agreement with AT&T for a service covered by a Service Guide included in this website.

To review a list of the AT&T services that have been transitioned to this Service Guide website, and a description of the Service Guide transition status, please refer to the Service Guide Transition Page via the Tools or Help options of the Navigation Bar.

While the transition of existing Service Guides to this website is underway, the Service Guide content for some of AT&T's business and government services is still provided at the Prior Service Guide Website.

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