AT&T Business Service Guide

Service Guide Comparison

This tool will compile a revision-marked comparison, showing the changes between any two versions of an AT&T Business Service Guide in effect. Simply enter in the two dates (since conversion to the new Service Guide platform), click on submit, and the tool will send you an email advising when the comparison is ready for review.

(Note: The earliest available version of the selected Service Guide is  )
5/24/2024 ]
5/24/2024 ]

(Email will be sent when comparison is ready for review)

Other Tasks:
  • To view the current version of a Service Guide, select the 'Service Guide Library' on the Navigation bar, then the desired Guide from the list.
  • To view a prior version of a Service Guide (without revision marks), go to the Service Guide Archive
  • To view the last published version of a Service Guide prior to its transition on the new Service Guide platform, go to the Service Guide Transition Table
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